Monetize Your Data

Take data you already own or collect and sell access via a subscription model or pay-per-download!

Sell Subscriptions To Access Your Data is a platform that enables you to sell subscriptions to your customers for them to access to a database you created or curate for a monthly or yearly fee. Manage your data, your users, and your subscriptions using a customized implementation that meets your business requirements.

Easy Setup

Just send us a sample of your database and we will get the system structured for your data and design aspects matching your brand.

Simple Fee Structure

One-time setup fee and an optional monthly support fee. See our pricing below.

Sell Monthly or Yearly

Enable your buyers to pay you at different levels each month, each year, or every other year. Alternatively, enable your buyers to pay only for the data they download.

This System Is Right For You If:

You have a database of information that you want to sell annually or monthly, or have a team collecting data that you can sell.
You have or can create an audience that is interested in purchasing your data.

You want to start a new business or side project to bring in passive or semi-passive income.

You want to create a new revenue stream.

What You Could Sell

From sales leads to industry specific data, the sky is the limit on what data you can sell through this system.

Sales Leads

Got a list of sales leads that you know other people in the industry would like? Now you can monetize those leads in a new way.


Corporate funding data is a critical part of a sales system. Selling funding data can be lucrative.


You don’t need to be a sales contact to be valuable. Sometimes just a list of important contacts is what people need to see to make their business successful.

Key Parties

Just like contacts, sometimes all you need are the key parties. Enable your customers to grow their businesses by accessing your key parties.


Looking to store more than just a database of information? Our system also enables you to sell your files and other media.


Is your audience searching for different kinds of tech? Now you can monetize your list!


Database Sales Systems has enabled us to sell sales leads we’ve been collecting for years and no longer use. Instead of letting it go, we turned it into revenue!

Rochelle Long

System Foundation

All The Features You Need, And Then Some More!

System software

System software includes a variety of SaaS basics that enable you to customize and manage your system:

  • Database management system
  • Authentication
  • Invoicing
  • User Impersonation
  • Customization options


Subscriptions are managed within the software along with Stripe.

  • Subscriptions management in conjunction with Stripe
  • Stripe integration and payment systems
  • Monthly billing or yearly

User Data Searching

Your subscribers will be able to search through your database using all the fields you entered. Once they find what they’re looking for, they will have access to a page with all the data on that item.

  • Searching, sorting, and filtering systems
  • Data profile pages


Transactional emails and email system integration.
Users receive automated emails when signing up, canceling, or changing their accounts or credit card information.

  • Mandrill integration
  • Standard transactional emails

User Management

  • Teams
    Enable users to join, create, and invite their teammates to teams.
  • Username, email, and contact info management
    Users can edit their username, email, contact, and credit card information within the system.
  • Password recovery
    Users can recover their passwords with the password recovery system.

Admin panel

Through the admin panel, you can edit fields in your system, enter, edit, and delete data, and manage all your users. You can also add and remove other admins from here and set their permission levels.

  • Permissions management
  • User management
  • User impersonation
  • Subscriptions
  • System setup
  • Data entry
  • Admin permissions



    Answers below for commonly asked questions on using this tool and building a SaaS database sales system. For anything else, please get in touch.

    Why use our system?

    Building a SaaS is complicated, very time consuming, and it’s tough to get it all right. If you were going to build this system from scratch, it could easily cost you 30k or more. With our pre-built system, you can get up and running faster and at less cost.

    Who was this system built for?
    This was built for entrepreneurs or businesses that want to start selling data to their users.
    What technologies are used in the build of the system?
    The following frameworks and systems are used in the build of this platform: Laravel, Angular, HTML 5, Stripe, Mandrill,, PostgreSQL.
    Can you help us with marketing?
    With our Commercial System Setup & Customization plan, you receive a two hour marketing consult with our CEO, Jason Long, who has launched several SaaS businesses over the past 20 years. Additional time is available at our hourly consulting rate as we have availability.
    Can I try the system before I purchase it?

    Yep! You can click here to get a free demo on our demo system.

    What billing intervals does the systems support?
    We support monthly and yearly charges as well as one-off charges.
    How long does it take to setup the system?
    Depending on your needs, the cleanliness of your current database, and your responsiveness to questions, it can take anywhere between 1-3 months to get your system completed and implemented.
    How do I get started?
    Check the contact us form below and select the system you want or a demo, and we will get back to you with a few questions and times for a demo.

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